Monday, September 12, 2011

No-Fridge Bento (#2)

Bugga has been preferring his food room-temp or warm, so I made this no-fridge bento for him!

It has three peanut butter cracker sandwiches made with Tamari Seaweed Brown Rice Snaps, a Gerber 'pears' package (for the love of all that is good in this world, MAKE YOUR OWN IF YOU CAN!), gluten-free pretzelsgumdrops made in HEAVEN and transported to Trader Joe's for your purchasing pleasure, and EXCELLENT self-stable chocolate coconut milk!

Granted, this bento is not fabulously healthy or cheap (chocolate coconut milk in small shelf-stable packs are expensive), but if this is what it takes to ensure my kid eats his lunch, I'll do it.

I did purchase a BPA-free plastic 'flask' that holds a small amount of liquid. I'm going to be using it instead of juice/milk packs from now on to save some $$$. I would encourage everyone to do the same!

 stack everything up

 tie up

stick it in the bag: THAT'S IT!

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